SkillsUSA Illinois

Championships 2021

SkillsUSA Illinois is ready to provide an opportunity to our members to showcase their career readiness though the 2021 State Championships. These career competitions will be delivered locally at our chapters across the state and judged virtually, connecting members with industry professionals around the country.

SkillsUSA Illinois is excited to share the plan for the 2021 State Leadership and Skills Conference including the State Championships. This video and overview document provide additional details for this localized/virtual delivery of programming.

Career Competition Clusters

The SkillsUSA Illinois Championships recognizes career and technical education students who excel in their occupational areas, and spotlights leadership development activities that are such an integral part of SkillsUSA.

The philosophy of the SkillsUSA Illinois Championships is to reward students for excellence, to involve industry in directly evaluating student performance, and to keep training relevant to employers’ needs. These career competitions directly follow technical standards established by industry each year.

Flexing creativity, design, writing, performing and multimedia skills, this cluster prepares members for careers from graphic design to broadcast journalism by focusing on advanced technologies.

Using design, planning and management to work skills in careers that build and maintain structures, members prepare to develop new structures, restorations, additions, alterations and repairs.

Connecting communication and problem solving to provide support to individuals' everyday needs, including customer service, education and training, food service, and personal care services.

Harnessing a love of science to help keep people healthy and treat those who are not, members work directly with people as a doctor or physical therapist or individually by conducting research.

Demonstrating the personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics outlined in the SkillsUSA Framework, contestants show preparedness for success in the workplace and life.

Employing the skills of planning and organization and a passion for technology, engineering and design, members work in careers processing materials into products.

Building upon an intrinsic love of people and passion for community, members prepare for careers that protect people from harm, crime or natural disasters.

Testing abilities in problem-solving to design, develop and manage many different fields, these careers require a solid foundation of math and science as well as strong technical skills.

Channeling knowledge of mechanics, mathematics and design to plan, manage and move everything from people to company products through a range of transportation and logistics services.